• excavator ripper for rock crushing

    Bonovo Rock Ripper can loose weathered rock, tundra, hard soil, soft rock and cracked rock layer. it makes digging in hard soil easier and more productive. The Rock Ripper is a perfect attachment to cut through hard rock in your work environment.
    Bonovo Rock ripper with a streamline design can break through and rake the toughest surfaces with ease allowing for efficient ripping under a variety of conditions. The design will ensure your shank rips the material rather than ploughing it. Ripper shape can promote efficient ripping which means you could make ripping more easily and deeply without putting too much of a load on the machine.

  • excavator Mechanical Root Rake

    Turn your excavator into an efficient land clearing machine with a Bonovo Excavator Rake. The rake’s long, tough, teeth are built of high-strength heat-treated alloy steel for years of heavy-duty land clearing service. They are curved for maximum rolling and sifting action. They project forward far enough so that loading land clearing debris is fast and efficient.